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For Google Ads Performance Max Microsoft Releases Import Tool

Microsoft Advertising now makes it simple to import Google Ads Performance Max campaigns. This is how it goes.

Microsoft Advertising is introducing a feature that will let users of its Google Import tool duplicate existing Google Ads Performance Max campaigns.

The import function for Performance Max campaigns using a Merchant Center is now available from Microsoft. Microsoft will import the campaigns as Local Inventory Ads and Smart Shopping Campaigns.

Microsoft is developing a method for integrating other Performance Max campaigns without a Merchant Center, with Search campaigns receiving priority.

Here are further details on the import tool, how import mapping functions, and how to configure it.

Maximum Import Performance for Microsoft Advertising

How Google Ads Performance Max integrates with Microsoft Smart Shopping Campaigns is as follows:

Campaign: Performance Max campaigns’ campaign parameters will be imported unchanged into Smart Shopping Campaigns.

Ad group name: Text and picture assets won’t be imported, but asset group names will be mapped to ad group names.

Product group: Listing groups from Performance Max campaigns will be directly translated to product groups in Local Inventory Ad campaigns and Smart Shopping Campaigns.

Product advertisements: In line with current practise, product adverts will be generated automatically.

Maximize Conversions Bid Strategy Import is not supported by Microsoft for Shopping Campaigns.

Checklist for Microsoft Advertising Performance Max Import

Microsoft suggests completing the following checklist to ensure the smoothest experience when importing Google Ads Performance Max campaigns as Microsoft Advertising Shopping campaigns:

Finish configuring a Microsoft Merchant Center store.

Establish a reasonable return on advertising spend (ROAS) target.

Ensure that conversion tracking and universal event tracking (UET) are correctly configured.

Make sure there is a feed for each market used by the campaigns (country/region of sale setting) if you are targeting numerous nations.

Any stalled campaigns that were imported on purpose should be made active.

Examine feed rejections, and fix any formatting problems with the feed and product rejections as soon as possible.

​Go to the microsoft website for more info.

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