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Top 10 Best Tools For SEO Executives For Free

As an SEO Expert maintaining the speed is necessary to getting faster results or delivering the projects on time. For a good speed you have to use various types of tools which are important if you want to survive in this field. Because it’s a very dynamic field that you can’t control, you can only do your work. So, for the work you have to get faster by using the top 10 free SEO tools which you should keep in your chrome browser. These tools are briefly explained below and a reference to these tools is also given with them.

1. Moz Extension For Chrome

It’s a very trusted extension provided by one of the best SEO companies, MOZ. It helps the SEO executives during backlink activity by reducing their time of checking the DA(Domain Authority) PA(Page Authority) and Spam Score of a website. It shows all in one bar placed at the top of the browser after installing it in your web browser.


MOZBAR Chrome Extension

2. Similarweb Traffic Checker

It’s a very trusted source of checking traffic of any website over the internet. Its accuracy is almost above 70%. Widely used by the professional SEO executives around the world to beat their competitors in terms of traffic by making strategies.

Link: Traffic Checker

Similarweb Chrome Extension

3. Keyword Volume Checker

Keyword research is an important part of an SEO engineer to identify good keywords with low competition and a high volume of search traffic. To check that several tools are available over the internet but most of them are too costly. But you can use the wordstream for free to do your research perfectly.

Link: Keyword Volume Checker

Keyword Volume Checker

4. Keyword Difficulty Checker

When you’re doing your keyword research on any free tool it never shows you the difficulty of whether that keyword can be ranked easily or not. Most tools show only competition for that keyword. But sometimes low competition keywords can not be ranked due to the monopoly of some websites. But Ahrefs can show you the keyword difficulty of any keyword for free of cost. By using it you can double-test any keyword before using it in your content.

Link: Keyword Difficulty Checker

Keyword Difficulty Checker Tool

5. Multi URL Opener 

As an SEO Executive, you have to check multiple backlink sheets to ensure that it’s working or not. Checking the links one by one is a time-consuming process. To reduce that time you can use the multi URL Opener Chrome extension that opens all the links in just one click. All you have to do is paste all the links in the extension and click on the open URLs button at the left bottom of that extension. You can download it from the link mentioned below.

Link: Multi URL Opener

Multi URL Opener Chrome

6. Lightshot to take Screenshots

During the off-page activities sometimes there are some websites that take time to make approval for your website’s link and you don’t have any link as proof of backlink. In that scenario, the lightshot helps you to take screenshots easily over the internet and store those screenshots in its database by providing you an accessible link and you can also save the screenshots in your PC also.

Link: Lightshot

Lightshot For Screenshots Chrome Extension

7. Image Downloader Extension

As an SEO executive during the off-page activities, you have to save the various types of images to use them in your off-page activities but there are some websites that don’t allow you to save images or their extension can also be changed. So, to do it easily you can download a chrome extension named Image Downloader. It helps you to take any image on a website.

Link: Image Downloader Extension

Image Downloader For Chrome

8. Link Gopher Extension

Sometimes you need some links for the backlink activities but there can be some hyperlinks in the form or anchor text. Getting links from many anchor texts is a very time-consuming process. To reduce that time there’s a chrome extension named Link gopher which extracts all the links from any website at once.

Link: Link Gopher

Link Gopher Chrome Extension

9. Email Hunter

During the email marketing campaigns, you need the targeted audience’s email IDs or for the guest posting process, you need the emails or the webmasters. But doing it one by one is too much of a time taking process. But the Email Hunter and Chrome Extension solve your problem here. It extracts all the email’s on any webpage so that you don’t have to find them individually.

Link: Email Hunter

Email Hunter

10. Hoxx VPN Extension

As an SEO expert, you should have to be anonymous over the internet to protect your data from cyber-attacks. A good VPN can prevent you from these types of attacks. Also, you can do Local SEO using the VPN all over the world and provide you the organic results on the SERP based on the country of which the VPN is using the IP Address. Hoxx VPN provides the fastest IP addresses to browse the internet anonymously for free.

Link: Hoxx VPN Extension

Hoxx VPN Extension Chrome

These top 10 SEO tools will boost your speed to the next level.

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