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Top 10 SEO Tools List That Every SEO Expert Must Have

If you want to become a Great SEO Expert then you should know how to make use of shortcuts smartly. To boost up your work you have to use various online tools that do work fast and perfectly. The top 10 SEO tools list is briefly explained below and a reference to them is also given with them:

1. Ubersuggest

Ubersuggest is the best SEO and Content marketing tool. Founded by Mr. Neil Patel it helps in generating new content ideas, competitor research, and showing ranking for the keywords. It is one of the lowest-price SEO tools which offers the best features in that price range.

Ubersuggest SEO Tool

2. Canva

During the off-page tasks, you have to do various types of content submissions including graphics, images, infographics, pdfs, banners, and many more. To fulfill that content requirement you don’t have to learn graphic design all you have to do is start using this free graphic designing tool to make unique and creative designs for your work. It comes with lots of features that a graphic designer need and easy to use interface.

Canva Graphic Designing Free Tool

3. Background Remover

It is the best tool to remove the background of any image instantly by just uploading it on the toll by dragging, the image link, or uploading it from your device. It’s compatible with mobile phones and desktops also. Easy to use and free tool.

Background Remover Free Tool

4. Copy AI

Content is a must for backlink activities in SEO. To create the content we have to spend a lot of time or we have to hire a costly content writer. To resolve these problems there are some Artificial intelligence tools that write content by some keywords on which you want to write your content. The is the best tool to write good quality content for your work.

Copy.AI Content Writing Tool

5. Google Keyword Planner

As an SEO executive keyword research is the most important task that is the base of any website’s content and essential to get easily ranking of a website. It provides you the unique keyword ideas as well as provide you the volume estimation of a keyword’s queries on it.

Google Keyword Planner Free Tool

6. People Also Ask

This is a Google SERP feature. It’s not a tool but can be used as a tool to get content ideas. When you’ll fill any query on google search you’ll get a SERP Area in which various types of queries asked to the related niche that is called People Also Ask. You can use these questions to find topics and you can also answer them in your article that maybe get traffic for you.

People Also Ask Free SERP Tool From Google

7. Google Trends

You can use google trends to check the popularity of any topic over time. Using this tool you’ll only create that good content in which people will be interested.

Google Trends

8. SERP Optimizer Tool

This free tool shows you that how your webpage looks in search results of Google. It’s a useful tool for bloggers who use CMS rather than using WordPress.

Highervisibility SERP Optimizer Tool

9. Screaming Frog

When you have a bulky website to audit then only one tool can help you that is Screaming Frog a powerful SEO auditing tool that must be considered. Use this to find and fix the errors in your website.

Screaming Frog SEO Optimization Tool

10. SimilarWeb

When you’re working on competitor analysis strategies for SEO then you should also check the traffic of your competitor’s websites. It’s a free tool that you can use to find the competitor’s traffic and its sources. Its data is about 70% accurate.

Similarweb Free Traffic Checker Tool


This top 10 SEO tools list will boost your SEO growth. Stay focused on your work and use these free tools for faster work. Only focus on strategies and marketing ideas rest of the work these tools will do perfectly.

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